Privacy Policy Statement of Pingimo

Not everyone is interested in these privacy policy issues, but we think that everyone should be aware of how his data is used on websites and what the site collects as personal information. So, here is the privacy policy statement for our site or Pingimo.

Usage of cookies

PINGIMO uses website cookies that are used by web browsers to know from what country you visited the site and what language your browser is configured for. That helps us to make things better and know what are the regions where the pages are being loaded faster or slower than others, so we can improve the loading time and other issues. You can disable or accept these small size files of cookies directly from your web browser, that way, you have total control over that.

Google analytics

We use Google Analytics, which is a good system for every website needs, Google Analytics collects data such as the ISP, region, country, the browser languages, time spent on the page, and also what reactions the user made like clicking on specific links or navigation menu. All that comes with no personal information collected, so, we don’t know your name, or who you’re or what you do, all this type of data is not collected, nor tracked.

What information we collect

When you visit a web page of the site, we know what page you visited and how much time you spent on it, in addition, the site knows what OS you used and the device if it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These details help us to improve the site design and know if there are any issues related to the resolution and screen size.

Other information like the version of the OS and the browser can also solve many issues related to site speed and even security. So, if we find, for example, that lots of users have visited the pages using the old versions of Chrome browser, then, we may increase the level of security of that version, that way, users, even those who know nothing about web safety can have a better experience reading the guides without any risk.

How we protect the data

When users are on the site, visit the pages, etc, we collect the above data and store every piece of information on secure servers in the USA, so, we make sure that, first, the connection between the web browser that the people use and the site server is encrypted, second, we installed customized software and tools to enhance the security of the site and make things better all the way to protect users and the site. Also, we don’t share or sell the data with a third party, it’s for internal use only to make the user experience better.

Please note that any website mentioned on web pages is not owned or managed by us, so, it’s up to users to accept or reject the privacy policies and terms of use of these resources, each website on the web has its own terms and ways of usage.

How to get in touch?

For any question related to this privacy policy statement or anything else, you can contact us anytime, please tell us more about yourself, and we’ll reply as soon as we can.