About Pingimo

Here at Pingimo, we share the latest social media tips, tricks, and guides that users asked for, so readers who want to fix a problem with their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or any other platform can find step by step instructions to solve their issues. Also, we share the right strategies to find people online and verify their information in the right way.

In today’s world of social networking and virtual interactions, it becomes crucial for anyone to test things and check the data for many reasons, that can help millions of users to see how their private data is used online and what sites can know about them. All that comes with challenges to detect what’s true and what’s wrong with information and that’s why we choose to write about that.

Pingimo.com shows you the right information from expert writers in the field of social media, and internet-related topics, so, we spend hours searching, testing, and verifying every piece of information even before we start writing any guide. Then, we carefully select the topics based on what readers expect and want they asked for, to answer their questions. Finally, we start writing and editing after creating every guide, and that consumes lots of time and effort, that’s what makes our guides so cool and useful for all.

Some sort of guide needs extra work to see how things work as there are many tools and systems that come with issues that not everyone is talking about. That’s why we double check these tools and test them on different devices before showing any information. It’s all about the security and trust of the information we provide.

If you have questions or want to suggest new guides, why not get in touch? We may think about your ideas and write a new guide that solves the common issues on websites and social media networks. Even more, there are dating-related guides that need extra verifications to recommend what really works and what we should modify later.