How to Find a Person’s Secret Social Media Accounts?

When a person has secret social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or others, and you need to find all of them at once, you may start the search using their first names, emails, or even other options like the phone number and any username. However, what matters these days is not only the way to get this information but also, the accuracy of the data and if it’s up to date or just from years ago.

That’s why using any of the following ways should be enough to let you uncover any secret profiles on social media networks that people own and hide.

Searching for someone’s profiles on social media

1. A username can show you profiles

If someone has a known account on Facebook, for example, and they hide another profile, then, they’ll try to keep it private and hidden from search engines. But even if that’s true, search tools can find a combination of usernames and link them to each other in a way to discover what’s hidden behind social media sites.

If this doesn’t work for you, I recommend using the search by name way below, to look up their username. Social media username lookup can be done with one of the tools like those options, so, use them and get the full reports.

2. Search by email address

Everyone has at least one email address that he used to signup for websites to send or receive messages, and by reversing search any email, the results will come with more details than what everyone’s looking for.

So, for now, use Google in the first place to see if the email address that belongs to the person you’re searching for is associated with any account on social media. That includes profiles on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. This saves time and effort and allows you to subscribe and get notifications for any new social account in someone’s name that’s hidden.

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3. Find them by a photo

This is not a new way to find people on social networks if you don’t know their names, numbers, or other details. Instead of all these details, you can find social media profiles by using a picture, tools like Infotracer can help, all you have to do is switch to the latest search options by images, then, upload the files and wait for the result.

On the other hand, Google image is the right site to start with if you can spend more time verifying the search details as they’ll be too long. It scans the web for pictures that are identical or similar to the one you upload, and next, it lists all the possible locations on the web where these photos can be verified. However, if someone uses other photos, then, of course, there will be multiple social accounts with the same headshot, and in this case, it’s not easy to know which one is true.

So, take that into consideration, many spammers use photos of others they find on Google and upload them as their own Facebook profile pictures, when the reality is different.

4. Use Twitter contacts

Twitter is popular and because of that, there is a chance of finding hidden accounts about a person you know, he could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone else, but what’s needed here is to let Twitter search for friends on your contact list. First, you need to upload your contacts and that can help to detect users who are on your list of contacts. Please note, users can import their contacts into Twitter from Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL.

Even if this is a good way to find people on Twitter, those who prefer keeping their accounts hidden won’t be easy to find, there are privacy settings that can enable and block public access.

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5. Search by name

Searching the social media presence of someone you know can be easy through their first and last name, but when you see hundreds of results, that will make things complicated using Google. Instead, use the above search tools we talked about and find the profiles you want faster.

On the other side, Google can also be used to find if someone hides an account on any popular social platform. Here is how to do that, add the name inside quotes, and then, add the social site domain, next do the same with Bing or DuckDuckGo and look for accounts.

Here is an example of a search on Google that you can adjust:

“their name”

6. Search by a phone number

Option number-one above is the best way to uncover hidden accounts on any website, including social media, however, if you have the time to search directly on Facebook, then, just type in the exact cell number you already know about the person. Now, if Facebook finds linked profiles, you’ll see it on the list, but make sure you switch the search filter to people, and pages or posts, that can be misleading.

If Facebook shows no profiles, then, use LinkedIn instead, it’s known for the personal biography that people may add, and sometimes, they forget that their contact details are being listed publicly.

That being said, many social media sites do not allow the search using their user’s phone numbers, which means, finding the account directly is not as easy as it’s supposed to be with Facebook. Also, keep in mind that you can find hidden profiles on Facebook by using the other methods, but this one by number should work well if the person is already signed up with that cell number.


Searching for somebody’s social accounts that are hidden will take hours if you’re lucky in getting them, but depending on the privacy settings, the number of profiles that could be found may differ from one search way to another.

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What we recommend is to start with the first techniques which are their email and usernames, and then, modify the search entries you want to use, start with the full name and the location, then, use the person’s number. Besides, Google Images is also a good way to locate people’s second accounts on social media, and it’s all about time, just dedicate at least a half hour for that if you prefer using regular search engines.

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