How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone

If you find yourself unable to call or text someone on your iPhone, then, keep reading. If you notice all the signs like forward to voicemail, busy line beeps, or the iMessage you sent was not marked as “delivered” or “read” then, this guide is for you. We’ll show you how you can text the person who blocked your number on your iPhone. But that may need some verifications to know for sure if the person has blocked your phone number or if it’s just a technical problem.

Texting a contact that blocked your number

1. Find their other numbers and contact details

The best way to test a number that blocked you on their iPhone is to find any second contact details behind it. In other words, people use different numbers for many reasons. And by using a people search tool, you can type the person’s name and state. Then, see if they have other cell numbers you don’t know about.

These sophisticated search systems find details and information about people with public records and other ways. So, they combine multiple search options in one dashboard which may list multiple mobile numbers. Also, it can show you hidden social media such as Facebook, Instagram profiles, WhatsApp, and even emails if there are any.

That way, even if the guy or the girl blocked you on their iPhone, you still have other ways to contact them. In addition, sending a message to their secondary phone or email won’t be a problem. That’s because they didn’t expect you to find that hidden number or contact information.

When using this step, you may find some of the person’s social media accounts. That includes Facebook and Instagram. But also, you could search and find their emails as well. But social media is still as powerful as any phone number or even more, to reach people and text them. Now, if you see any Facebook profile, try to send a message there and see if they respond to it.

2. Text them from someone else’s phone

Don’t complicate things. If you’re in an urgent need to apologize to someone you hurt, or to fix a problem with your Ex, then, use another phone of your friend, family members, or colleague if you trust them.

Explain the whole issue and if you know how to correct things and show that you are really sorry or whatever reason you have. The receipt will get your text unless they blocked messages from unknown numbers and that’s not always the case. So, try this and text him or her from another number you have or of someone else.

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3. Create another Apple ID

Again, we’re not talking about harassing someone who doesn’t want to be called or texted by you. However, in many circumstances, problems happen and people can show their goodwill by messaging the blocked number. Hence, that’s not possible with the same Apple ID, but if you create a completely new ID with a new email address and verify it. Then, you have a fresh vCard on your iPhone.

When you use that new contact and text them again, chances are, they’ll receive the text in most cases. If you have another SIM card or you can get a new one, use it even if that’s a disposable number. But if you want to apologize or fix things, then it’s worth it.

4. Use online SMS services

There are many services that allow users to signup and send SMS using their online tool only. There is no need for a phone as that’s a web-based platform. For the number, some of these sites offer random cell numbers, and that’s not recommended. That’s because many of them are being used by spammers. On the other hand, you can use a second phone number App like a burner number and use it online or from your phone.

5. Try WhatsApp

If someone blocked your mobile number on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to send the text. So, once you try any message, you’ll notice one checkmark (gray color). That means your message was saved to the WhatsApp server, but not yet to the receipt.

In this case, there is a problem with the phone number you want to text. That’s because of Internet connection issues, limited data quota, or the person who has blocked that number on WhatsApp simply.

To verify that, wait a few hours and see if the status of the WhatsApp text changes or not. If it does not, then, there is no reason for someone to neglect his iPhone device without Data or Internet access for days if he really wants to stay in touch with others.

To give you an idea of what the WhatsApp status for messages means, check the following ones:

  • Once you send the text, WhatsApp servers will receive it first and store it, that’s the first step, you’ll see one checkmark
  • Now, the WhatsApp servers will try to send the text to the number. If it succeeds, you’ll see two checkmarks which mean, the message was successfully delivered to the receipt
  • Every time the receipt read that message, the color of the Two checkmarks will be Blue
  • If there is an error, there should be a red triangle that means a problem occurred when sending the text
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How to tell if you’ve been blocked on iMessage?

iMessage from Apple shares some features that WhatsApp offers like the status of the text the user sends to the other number. Thus, if there is no “delivered” notification, then, the receipt is not able to get that message at that time. What you can do instead, is to wait a few hours or let’s say a day. If it’s not that important to verify if the person really blocked your number or not without calling them.

Now, if after one day, there is no “Delivered” status on your iPhone texts, then, that means the person probably does not want to hear from you. And yes, he blocked you on their iPhone iMessage and even on the other texting apps if you use others.

The best way to see if the receipt read your text or not on their iPhone is to check the status of that message. But that won’t be helpful if the person has not turned ON the “Send Read Receipts” on their iPhone. In other words, even if you turn ON the feature on your devices, it still needs the other number’s authorization to tell you if the person read your text or not.

How to tell if they blocked you on Mac?

Here is how to check all that. If iMessage doesn’t say “delivered” on Mac, then, that does not mean it was not sent, nor it means the receipt saw and read it. Once you see “delivered” and the text is in Blue for Mac. That means the message was sent only and the person has not seen it yet.

When you send a text to someone over iMessage because you both have an iPhone, you’ll see “delivered” status, and even in Blue. On the other hand, when you send a text to someone on an iPhone, you’ll see it in Blue color and if it is “delivered” it means the person’s device received the text only. Now, if he or she reads it, you’ll find “Read” after the text in gray color.

From what we tested here, on Mac OS, you won’t see “read” even if they read the message. But when you use an iPhone, if there is no “read” then, in most cases, the number you used has been added to the block list of that person. In this case, it’s better to send the text from another number you have. Meantime, try other ways like Messenger, Facebook, Viber, or other apps if you used them in the past.

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If you send a text and you don’t see any status like “delivered”, that means you’ve been blocked by the contact. The message will never be sent. Instead, if the contact has only blocked your cell number from their iPhone settings. You won’t be able to call them by FaceTime, or text by iMessage. But you still have the option to text them through a third-party app like WhatsApp or Viber unless they added your number there also to the blocklist.

Other tips

Meantime, remember that in order to text someone who blocked your number on WhatsApp, you need to verify that first. Next, use a search engine like the ones above in the first section and find out if your friend, partner, or anyone else is using a second Whatsapp number you don’t know about.

For that online search, you should have more options to message that person who has blocked you on Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other social media network or texting app.

Of course, there are apps to text someone who blocked you, that includes TextNow, Burner App,, Telegram, Signal etc… Also, Facebook Messenger is another option especially if your partner has blocked you on everything. But you can always use another mobile phone number and try to text with it after sending them a new request and pretending to be someone else.

Please use these options only if you want to fix a problem with your boyfriend or girlfriend and ensure you respect their privacy and decision for whatever reason they’re keeping your number blocked from texting or calling on iPhone and Android.


As you can see, it’s not always a complicated issue to text the same person who blocked you on their iPhone. Everything starts with a simple verification to see if the person is indeed blocking your number. Then, if that looks the case, you have to find another contact information the person has. One of these details could be secondary cell numbers or additional social media accounts.

Next, it’s up to you to reach them on their other social profiles or not. But if it’s an urgent situation like texting your ex, then it should work by sending a message on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even email.

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