How to Find Someone’s Hidden Dating Profiles for Free

Want to find someone’s secret dating profiles for free? And you need to see if your husband or partner is already using the site or not? So, this should answer your questions. We’ll show you the best options to search and look for any possible account on websites or apps like Tinder, POF, and others.

These platforms can encrypt the data and keep the user’s page invisible from search engines and also not easy to find by other members.

That being said, some tricks can help to trace these profiles if that’s possible of course. But if there is no result, then, only paid tools can work as they have private databases of names and data.

Find out their secret dating accounts

1. Use search engines the right way

There is a search trick with Google that allows people to find websites and pages in a specific domain name without registration. It’s called the advanced search system that works the same as the default Google site. But this time, users get more filters and parameters to refine the search results.

With Google’s free search, you can find someone’s hidden profile on popular dating sites such as:

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Tinder
  • Zoosk
  • eHarmony
  • Badoo
  • OnlyFans

There are also more dating sites, and the list of these platforms can be as long as hundreds or more. That includes both paid and free dating services in different states and regions across the US.

Public search engines like Google offer endless possibilities to find secret dating accounts by email, phone number, or name. But that needs time to read the search results and find the exact profile if there is any. Meanwhile, some search parameters can help, so, try the following:

To find your boyfriend or husband’s secret profile on any dating site, type his email, name, or cell number inside quotes like the following example:


In that simple search, “peter” is the exact name that Google should search for on the website Just replace that with any other dating site and add your partner’s first name, then, try with the full name.

In the next example of a search with Google, I’m not sure about the name of the person. However, I know he can use his real name or an abbreviation. So, his name is “James”, but also, there are possibilities to use “jam” or his first name flowed by his date of birth. All that can show more or fewer details depending on the site and the person’s visibility on the Internet.

james OR or OR jam OR or OR jam2022

Try these free Google search parameters. This technique can help you to find the secret profile your man hides on social media or on dating sites. Besides, even if the account is hidden now, chances are, Google might index the old account years or months ago, and that can happen.

2. Create your own dating account to search with

Dating sites like and Tinder offer a search tool for members who use the platform or the app. Now, after joining for free, they have apps on iPhone, Android or you can use their website directly from your laptop.

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Next, expect what your boyfriend will add as details and do the same. But this time, try to find his account because you look like a good match for his profile in the eyes of the system. Now, Tinder or other sites will suggest members, but that may take some time. For that reason, you can speed up the process and search for your partner’s name and refine users by location, age, colors, etc…

Remember that 70% of men and 30% of women are using Tinder. This means, the possibility of finding your male friend there will be as high as twice compared to female friends.

Now, here is another thing that many people skip. Don’t expect to see his real name and photos in the profile descriptions and details. He’ll add another picture you don’t know about that can be him or someone else from the Internet.

Also, look for any personal detail like his education, hobbies, or place of work. All these simple personal details can make the search faster and getting the person’s profile that was hidden from other users will be easier.

How to find an exact profile on Tinder?

The real issue here is that once you edit your Tinder account settings and adjust your age or location with your supposed partner’s details, there will be thousands of persons’ profiles to swipe and it’s a huge time-consuming. But if you edit the search radius to a few miles, you’ll solve the problem.

If you live in a big city like New York, there are dozens of hookup sites that millions of users are registered on. That means more time to search each site separately.

On the other hand, if you live in a small city, look for hookup sites that your partner might use without showing your real name. Otherwise, he might be smart enough to block everyone with the name, “Jennifer”, for example, from finding his secret profile.

3. Don’t forget Facebook dating

When we talk about finding someone cheating online, most people think about hookup sites like Tinder. Hence they neglect the fact that Facebook with 190 million users in the US alone is the biggest social platform that many people use for dating. 

Facebook dating is a separate platform created and developed by the same company to attract users from other sites known previously for being dating a site primarily.

The problem with Facebook dating is that the user’s profile will be hidden from his list of friends and family members. That means, you need to create another Facebook account, then enable the dating feature. After that try to match with your boyfriend or partner’s details like age, location, interests, etc…

Once you have the details of your profile similar to your spouse’s account, you’ll increase the chances of finding his hidden profile on that dating platform for free.

4. Try Tinder Watch

Tinderwatch is a free website that allows people to search Tinder without joining. Thus, there is no registration process or fees to pay in order to browse lots of profiles.

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All you need is to choose the region where you prefer searching. Then, filter the long list of profiles by city. And if you’re lucky, you can see your partner’s secret account there. Just click on his name, and you’ll get their latest photos posted, and even the description under their Tinder profile.

This free Tinder profile viewer site comes with a search box on its homepage. Try it and type your girlfriend or spouse’s name and see if there is any hidden profile there. If you suspect he or she is hiding another username or nickname, use that again. That can hide other invisible profiles they created and forgot about.

Now, if this site offers the option to browse thousands of hidden Tinder accounts for free, it’s not as easy as it looks like to locate an exact person with his real name, location, or whatever you have as the details about them. People could find other ways to hide their real identities behind fake Tinder accounts they create and keep secret.

That said, try this site and see if it works for you. Otherwise, it’s completely free to browse Tinder accounts by city and country without joining.

The best thing about this site is that it searches all the popular dating websites at once. Consequently, that saves time, especially if your spouse has multiple accounts that are invisible.

5. Find dating profiles by reverse username lookup

Sometimes, searching hundreds of dating websites all at one time is not easy. Instead of searching for the exact profile URL, why not verify if someone’s username or full name is available on these sites?

That won’t give you the direct link to the person’s profile there. But at least, it can tell you if that username is already taken or not.

These search sites are “” and “”. All you have to do is search for the person’s first, plus the last name. As a result, the site will highlight all the sites where that username is being used.

What’s a hidden dating profile?

Some dating websites, such as offer the feature to hide the profile from search results. That’s useful if the person found his or her match. That way, others stop viewing or communicating with that user and check his personal details.

Thus, a dating profile that’s hidden from being checked is not necessarily secret all the time. If someone exchanged an email with that user, they’ll be able to reach them anytime.

Also, some dating profiles are not visible to specific regions only. Or maybe, they’re blocked from being found by predefined names or age ranges. That’s because the user might add some parameters for his account privacy.

Guys keep their dating accounts secret

Now, because secret data is not like public records, there are both paid and free ways to find people’s dating profiles. But when it comes to reality, the free options come with limitations. It’s because there is no real scan behind the sites which is needed to crawl the web and find every piece of detail about people and their social accounts.

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Keep in mind that crawling thousands of pages on high-traffic dating networks or applications require huge resources. That includes servers, RAM, CPUs, computers, bandwidth, and even data centers.

Of course, don’t expect all these resources to be found on a simple dating site searcher tool that has a small number of users stored in an out-of-date database from years ago.

On the other hand, when we talk about the paid ways to find people’s secret dating accounts, there is a dedicated team behind the search tool. The guys do the updates, software upgrades, and maintenance.

In addition, most advanced people search systems have built-in search algorithms. That tool crawls billions of web pages, URLs, and profiles on hundreds of dating sites at once.

That needs a high level of server bandwidth, powerful scanning tools, advanced security, and real resources with investments to keep the system working day and night.

Avoid fake dating profile search tools

This becomes a serious issue because many wives trust these sites that never work. So, they may add their partners’ names, and their own emails to receive the details, and guess what? There will be no details with such spam sites. What they do is just sell your email address and details to other companies.

Now, if you find any online site, blog, or tool that tells you they can find the sites where your partner created hidden dating accounts for free, just stay away. If they offer the service without a charge, why do they require you to type your name and email?

If you don’t know any idea about such useless tools, you have to understand that even if they promise you to show the list of pages where someone owns dating profiles online, they can do nothing in reality to achieve that.

Instead, many spam sites will just keep you watching videos with no information on them. In other cases, people got their devices infected by malware because they downloaded and installed applications from them.

So, as a word of caution, never use any so-called dating profiles searcher tool by installing software or typing your email online for free. If you’re looking for a good way to find others’ dating profiles and save your time and effort, then, use a paid tool that respects your privacy.

That search tool should keep the searches anonymous and show you the sites that someone is registered on for a small cost.


That’s how you can find out if your husband, boyfriend, or partner, in general, has a secret dating profile. Make sure you start your search with the person’s name. That’s the best option because it can easily help you investigate and uncover any hidden account on the Internet.

Next, gather the details you read online and search with your partner’s username, mobile number or even email if you know any of these details. The more search options you use the higher chance you can get their accounts on dating apps, Facebook, Instagram, and of course Tinder, etc…

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