How to Find Someone on POF: Search by Name, Username, Email or Number

If you want to know if someone has a hidden profile on POF or similar dating sites, then, this guide will help you. There are easy steps to find a specific person on the Plenty Of Fish website using their email. But also, you can search by the username you already know about them.

Before starting the search, take note of all the emails and usernames that the man/female owns, and look for the social media names they have on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites. Then, see if you already exchanged messages through another Gmail account. By doing that, you’ll have more than a single email and username to search through, which can show you more details in one single search.

Finding someone on Plenty Of Fish

Now, this is how to find someone’s profile on plenty of fish, you have the following search method. All of them come with different recommendations and details to uncover. But the best one that works with most users is searching through the person’s name. That can bring you most of that person’s profiles online including POF and other sites.

How to find someone on POF by name

If you’d like to search for someone on Plenty of Fish by their name only, then, use TruthFinder in the first place. It’s a great tool to search for details and social profiles using the person’s name and state or city if you know any of them.

TruthFinder is the number one tool for this advanced search. You get access to different levels of personal details such as contact numbers, social media profiles, and public records in one place.

The best thing about this amazing search tool is that it can help you to tell if someone is lying about things like profiles on POF or Tinder. But you need to verify the accounts you find and look through the description to understand what’s true and what’s wrong with that profile.

The person on POF could be using your boyfriend’s name, city, and even picture. Hence that doesn’t mean all the time that the same person is behind that account. Many scammers pretend to be someone else. Consequently, those guys take their pictures and personal details from Facebook, Instagram, or any other way. Then, they use that for catfish. That’s why I recommend checking every account you find in your partner’s name on POF or any other website.

Instant Checkmate is the second option to see if someone is on POF or other dating platforms. All you have to do is to search through that person’s first plus last name. Next look for mentions of the site you’re looking for in the search report like the next example.

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Social profiles found

How to find someone on POF by email

Advanced reverse email lookup systems work well for this kind of search. They don’t stop when they don’t find the exact profile on POF, Match, or other sites. But they may show you all the hidden information about the person you searched for.

That can show you their age, home address, other phone numbers, emails he owns and manages, and more. From there, you’ll have dozens or even more of the data to start another search with and find a long list of sites that the guy uses for dating, cheating, or other reasons.

It’s all about the first detail you have in mind to search through. Thus, by using the person’s email, you can get his profiles even the ones that are hidden from regular search engines including Google.

When you want to find someone on POF by his email address, you’ll need to think about his other hidden contact details first. That means cell numbers, addresses, or other names.

If you’ve been using the site for a long time and you want to find all the accounts associated with someone’s email on POF, then, try one of the advanced search ways that check the data and provide up-to-date data information.

Guess their email

On the other hand, we recommend guessing what email your boyfriend owns as a secondary contact option. From that, only extract his ID which is like a username. Then, start the search again using that.

By doing so, you don’t search by email in POF directly as there is no option for that in the website’s internal system. Instead, you use a possible hidden username as an alternative trick that may or may not work. But a way to see if someone has a POF account that’s worth a try.

The best thing about using someone’s email to find his POF account is that even if there is no mention of any profile on the platform, there are possibilities to see all of his social media presence in one place. In addition, if there is any hidden Facebook dating account, it will be listed under the person’s background check report. The same thing applies to other sites he or she is registered on.

As a result, by searching for someone’s email on any advanced people search platform, users can see their associated accounts linked to that email address. That can save them from days of searching on Google without getting any information.

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How to search for someone on POF by Username

This is how you can find someone on POF by their username. First, use these recommended search engines. Then, type the username you know about that guy and see what comes up in the search report.

In reality, when you reverse lookup someone’s username on POF using the upgraded version of the platform, you may find the profile of the person you’re looking for. However, it’s not that easy to track people on the Internet. That’s valid especially on dating websites because they’ll try to use other names rather than the one they’re known for.

So, if the default POF username search tool returns no results, then, don’t stop there. And use a sophisticated username reverse lookup tool. That tool searches multiple dating sites with a single search. But it’s not only about dating sites like or, but also, it’s about social media and hidden accounts. Besides, you don’t have to be registered to the site to search on it, all happens from one central dashboard.

Sometimes, it’s not that easy to know what usernames someone uses online. Of course, the girlfriend or boyfriend will make sure that his details stay private. But what if you can guess their usernames? That’s possible. Start with their WhatsApp or Viber usernames, and search through them.

People may use different usernames on each website they sign up for. So, you have to find every nickname they used, then combine all of their names and reverse lookup them one by one. I remember a wife who found her husband’s account on POF because she looked up the man’s username he used on Instagram.

How to find someone’s POF account by phone number

Users on social media apps and dating sites can use the same phone numbers on multiple registrations. So, once a search engine like Intelius finds that mobile number, it links all the associated profiles to it. So, it should be a matter of minutes to find out all the hidden profiles including POF.

Now, here is to find someone you already know on Plenty Of Fish. First, visit Intelius, and add your partner’s phone number in the search box. Next, validate the search and wait for the report to be built for you. After that, read the details and look for any mentions on social media and dating sites like Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, eHarmony or, and even Badoo or Tinder.

All these dating sites have huge numbers of users. And once you find your spouse’s dating account there, you can easily search for that username on the other sites. So, in this search by phone number, you have one of the smartest methods to uncover hidden POF profiles with your husband’s phone number only.

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What about search engines?

POF is not a social network like Facebook that allows Google to index its publicly visible profiles, posts, and comments. Instead, it’s a dating platform where users hide their personal details from search engines. Consequently, by looking for someone’s username or even his email on Google, there will be no search results as Plenty Of Fish blocked search engines from indexing the data of users years ago.

Another tip: If you searched for someone’s email address, username, or other details on Google and you found photos, click on them. Meantime, see if there is any mention of the username or profile URL. That can happen because Google may have already indexed the profile of the person. Once you click on it, it will show you a “not found” page or a forbidden error message.

The reason for that is that the user may block search engines from crawling and indexing his profile by enabling the privacy option under his profile settings tab. So, no matter if the page is available or not, if there is any name on it, use it and search another time but with an advanced username search tool, it can show you all the person’s profiles in one report.

Thus, if you need to search for someone on POF without registering, use Google and Bing as these search engines can help. But for accurate search results, it’s better to combine the above search tools with Google. After that, verify the name and username you uncover.


These are the best ways to find a person on POF. You can search for people you know on POF through their emails, name, phone number, or username without login into the site. Make sure you try these search methods as that may bring you more details about people than what you searched for.

Next, verify the details you see, and always double-check the name, email, and contact details if the person you looked for on these dating apps is your partner. Sometimes, people create accounts years ago and forget about them. That means, not every account on POF is active. Also, it’s a good idea to check if the user who is registered on POF is using the site now or just didn’t delete his account. That’s better for a good relationship that lasts.

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