How to Find out who Lives at this Address?

If you’re one of those who want to know more about their neighbors for many reasons or need to see who is the owner of the house next to your property, then, there are multiple search options to find the details about the person behind almost any address. So, in this guide, we’ll be talking about finding who lives at an address, no matter if it’s a house, apartment, building, or other, but what you need is the correct details to start the search through, now, follow this guide and use any of the following search methods that work.

Who lives at a certain address?

1. Ask a neighbor

When it’s time to know who the person who moved next to your house is, this is one of the oldest ways to find answers, even if you know nothing about others, the person who resides at that address could talk to others and introduce himself. Thus, by talking directly to your neighbors, you may find who the new resident is and get details like what they do, from where they moved, etc…

If this is an urgent situation, and you should know the newly moved family for security reasons, then asking neighbors should work for you. In fact, neighbors care a lot about their children, and the last thing they need is a criminal who just moved next to their houses which can cause many conflicts, in other words, they’ll tell you if he/she is a good or bad guy.

2. Lookup their home address

The best way to find out who lives at a specific location is to reverse lookup their home address with a service that checks the public records. To find out the name of the person residing at a certain address, multiple search options offer different levels of lookups and search, but when it comes to trust and security, few services can offer what most people expect in a comprehensive address reverse lookup report.

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Here’s why using such advanced street address reverse lookup is the best way:

It combines multiple search options, so, once you type in the exact home or property address, you get access to the person’s name, emails, social accounts, and more details if that’s available. In addition, there will be other search options using the person’s name, so members can use the same tool to run a complete background check on people they need to verify and find more details about them.

Why is using the address lookup better?

When people want to get to know new neighbors, they may not use the traditional ways to see their contact details, so, they start by searching the home address, and then, they may see cell numbers, the possible names of residents, and their social media accounts which can tell more about the family.

Consequently, with a simple invitation on Facebook, you can talk to your new neighbor and exchange ideas before meeting them in person. However, not everyone is ready to accept someone’s invitation on social media just because they found his profiles through reverse address search tools, so, it’s a good idea to learn more about neighbors and then, talk to them directly if you want to know each other.

In addition to the possible actual name of the person behind an address, the tool can show you the previous owners of the house, and most address lookup tools like the one above can show you the estimated value of the property, the last sold price, living area, year of built, last sold date, deeds, neighborhood safety, and even the other properties owned by the same person.

3. Just Google the exact address

Like any other way to find information online, when you search on Google for the exact street address of the house, you can see the first name and details of the person behind it if they posted comments or details associated with that property.  Even if this won’t be working 100% of the time, giving Google search a try is worth it.

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In addition to Google search, Facebook is another way to find information about people and ownership details, for that reason, we always recommend going social when there is a need to find any type of information.

For instance, Facebook has a search tool that allows users to type any name or address and see if there is any post, comment, or mention for that data. So, see if you can find the person behind an address through a simple Facebook search, then, use other social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, who knows if someone has already talked about that property in the past?

4. Use any of the house photos

This won’t work all the time, but if the person who resides at that house purchased the property years ago, there might be a listing on real estate websites, in fact, some software used by websites never deletes a listing that expired.

Consequently, if the person tried to sell the house years ago, he might use sites like Craigslist and forget to set an expiry date for his ad or listing. Moreover, some classified groups on Facebook or other social media sites allow users to add the properties as a way to get more exposure.

As a result, by doing a simple reverse image search through Google photos, you can upload a picture of the house in question, and see if the property appeared somewhere on the Internet. If that’s the case, then, you can browse the listing and see the details of the person behind with name, phone number, and even other ways to contact him/her.

5. What about using Google Maps?

Don’t hesitate to type the street address in the search box of Google Maps or other maps for iPhone, Android, or on desktop, this massive database of addresses and places knows more about buildings and if you’re lucky, you’ll find some names if people added notes for that exact location.

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That being said, it’s not a good idea to use Maps, even the one provided by Google, Bing, or even Open Maps to identify individuals, in reality, the data was added to provide details for stores and services, and not for persons. So, there is no need to waste the time searching Google maps for someone’s name using his address, it won’t work in general.

Verify the details

By using the different ways to identify someone using his home address, you’ll save a lot of time and effort verifying each detail, but don’t neglect the fact that the same home could be owned by multiple owners in the past.

That means if the database is not updated to reflect the changes associated with any address, then, you won’t get the right name and contact details of the actual owner, so, make sure you use the first tool in this guide if you care about the freshness of the data and the way you search securely.

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