How to Find out if your Boyfriend is on Tinder?

If you want to find someone on Tinder because you suspect he’s hiding a profile there, then, you have some search options that work better than others. With thousands of dating profiles that people create each day, it’s not that easy to locate a specific person and see his profile with details, but the good news is that there are good tools for this kind of advanced search, and here is your guide.

Locating someone’s hidden Tinder account

Use their email

Wondering how it’s possible to find your boyfriend’s Tinder account using his email address? Then, it’s easier than what you may think. In fact, when someone uses the same email address to signup for a different account online, many tracking systems can find his details and list every associated profile that uses that ID.

Thus, let’s imagine if your partner has registered an account on Facebook dating, then, he used the same email to sign up for Tinder, POF, or any other app. That gives search engines the ability to know that both accounts belong to the same person. Thus, when you reverse lookup his email address, you can get his social media accounts including Tinder if that’ available. Otherwise, you may get the guy’s secret profiles and hidden information that matters to you.

Search by name

No other search options work like this one, in fact, by using a good search engine, there are multiple options to get the person’s accounts. That may include the social media profiles and accounts if that’s valid. In other words, you can just type in the first and last name of your Boyfriend, then, select the state or the city where he lives (optional), and finally, click on the search button.

That will bring the guy’s different hidden accounts on Tinder and even other dating apps. That said, that’s not all the details you can find in the report, here is what may be found:

  • His hidden accounts if available, Tinder, POF, Badoo, etc…
  • The cell numbers he owns (you may find other mobile numbers you don’t know about)
  • His Email address
  • Social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc…
  • Arrest record
  • Criminal records
  • Ownership details…

Try searching through their mobile number

Mobile phone numbers are important these days because millions of people sign up on dating apps like Tinder using them. Consequently, when someone registers, the sites ask for their personal information, and the cell number is the most important data. In addition, some cheating apps allow users to list their mobile number under their profile description and ways of contact. Of course, guys are there not for good reasons, but for getting girls, and what they do is just showing the cell phone number to be called through.

Now, remember that advanced people search tools have sophisticated crawlers and lots of technologies to link the details with what people post on their accounts if that’s public of course. Then, they know which data belongs to this person and what phone number is used by others on different social platforms.

As a result, by searching using your boyfriend’s phone number, there are possibilities to see most of his accounts, no matter if he’s registered on Tinder or not, you may see important profiles you never knew existed.

Just Google their details

We’re not only talking about a traditional way to search on Google, but also, we should use the right information we have about people. Let’s suppose that your boyfriend has a username or nickname, you can use that in combination with his full name, and add “” at the end. That significantly reduces the number of search results, and in a few minutes, it will be possible to know if the Tinder profile you found belongs to your boyfriend or someone else.

On the other side, it’s also recommended to add the city where the guy lives or search with his date of birth. That may help, especially when someone wants to add his age on Tinder or similar websites.

What does it mean if he has Tinder?

Being on Tinder is a sign of cheating for many girls, especially those who believe in trust and serious relationships, and that’s right, however, others believe that being with someone who has a hidden Tinder account is fine unless there is a serious issue between the two parties.

No matter what others say about this, if he’s still active on Tinder, then, he has discussions with girls, and who knows what he plans to do in the future? Even more, that’s not only a sign of cheating but also, it’s a way to tell that your boyfriend is not serious with you.

What to do when you find him there?

The first thing to do after knowing that your boyfriend is using Tinder is to verify whether or not he is still active or left the profile a long time ago. If you have a profile for testing purposes, you can check his recent activity. That will show you the time he last used the app, and from that, you can tell if he’s active or just forgot to remove his account years ago.

I remember once, someone told me that he coughs his friend’s boyfriend is registered on Tinder, and guess what? It was an old profile the man created 6 years before his engagement. That means, everyone has their own excuses for using Tinder, but for sure, it’s not a good place to be in when you have a serious relationship.

So, the situation may depend from region to region based on cultural traditions and others, and the best thing to do when you see that your boyfriend is still using Tinder secretly, is to look up his details and find more about him, who knows what he hides from you?

So, it’s worth it to run a complete online background check on them and see their details. That way, if there is any hidden information, you can find it, after all, you can’t tell his real age without using such advanced tools.

Final word

Dealing with a cheating boyfriend is not the same for girlfriends, some of them prefer investigating more by using his first name and other details to detect every possible account on Tinder.

On the other hand, you may choose to keep calm and just wait, but what if you can verify his details and find more about him? He may be a good person, and that makes things better for both sides, or he may be another scammer or someone with criminal records that you should avoid all the way. So, take your time and try the above tips, tricks, and searching-ways to check if someone is registered on or not.

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