How to Find a Person’s Mobile Number by Name

If you want to find a mobile number by the name of the person, you’ll have some search options. But once you try them, only a few techniques work. For that reason, we tested the best tools and search strategies, and here’s the guide.

Getting in touch with someone online is not like decades ago. In today’s world of websites, tools, and social media, you can find people’s cell numbers by their name only. That can happen in under a minute or so with public records and search engines. That can help in connecting with your friends, associates, colleagues, or others from the business world.

The need to locate people’s mobile numbers quickly pushed search algorithms, and social media sites to make things easier for users who don’t stop there with contact details. But also, they should find other ways to connect with others and find their profiles with photos, etc…

Finding a mobile number by the name of a person

If you know someone’s name, but you need to find his cell phone number online, then, think about the following ways. Hence keep in mind that the more details you have about them, the higher chance you’ll locate their numbers. So, take note of the state or the other names that some have.

1. Start with online people search engines

With background search services like these tools, it’s easy to find a mobile number by the name of the person. It’s like using hundreds of search engines, social media, and websites at once, that check the background of millions of individuals in the US.

In addition to these reliable sources of information, many of these solutions bring the power of machine learning to extract data from more databases. That makes their platforms huge in terms of data size that you can find about almost anyone.

Some search services show input fields for states, cities, and even others. But what we recommend is to type the name, followed by the last name if you know it and if you’re aware of the state where they live, leave it blank.

Next, there should be a list of profiles in that person’s name. Sometimes, there will be small headshots or photos from their social accounts. And that can make finding the right person’s details faster with a fast scan on the page.

The best search tools are premium because they collect the data from private databases in addition to public records. All that can take months of scanning millions of websites and organizing the data by names, states, etc… But once you use it, you’ll enjoy finding your old friends’ cell numbers you lost contact with even for years. The services update the contact information frequently once the algorithms detect new numbers detected and associated with anyone’s name.

The success rate of finding phone numbers that people own is higher compared to other tools, and that can save you from months of searching on Google, social media, and even asking people directly.

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Best people search engines

TruthFinder is on the top list of sites you can use and search for someone’s phone number by name without asking them. All you have to do is type the first plus last name of that person. After that, choose the state and validate the search. Once the system finds data linked to that name, you can browse through the search report and look for contact details such as any mobile phone number, email, or other.

Instant Checkmate is another search alternative that combines multiple search options to find someone’s mobile number through their name, email, or address. Thus, you have the best option to search by name first. Then, try the other options if you find no information about that person.

Here is one example of a report that shows the phone number of someone we search for by name only.

Mobile numbers found

Intelius is another search engine that can help in finding additional mobile numbers that people use by their main cell phone numbers. So, if you get any contact details with Google or through the above method, make sure you type that one into the search box of this system. That can show you secret numbers you don’t know about that guy without the need for his name.

With a Google search, you can find people’s phone numbers online using their names, and that’s for free. But it’s not always possible to locate contact details that people hide. That’s why these search engines can show public data and not secret details.

Now, for a better way to search Google for your friend’s name, make sure you add it in quotes. That search filters all the search results and only provides you with contact information associated with that exact individual’s name.

Google also has an advanced search that blocks unwanted search results and only shows the most relevant details based on the user’s filters. Moreover, there are input fields for names, words, and even optional region selection, words to exclude and even languages and domains the profile appears on.

It may take a few minutes to learn how to use that search system. However, once you find your way, Google is a good source of information about people that you should try. If there are no phone numbers associated with the person’s name that you searched for, then, there are two possibilities

  1. They keep their contact details hidden. In this case, the advanced systems to search for people above can help.
  2. The person has few details or does not exist on the Internet

If you’re searching for a colleague’s phone number from the same organization you work for, then Google Cloud offers a people search tool. The search can be done through his name or job title. The card shows their profile’s contact data.

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3. Regional search engines

Most of us type a word in Google and search through it. Once the first page looks full of information and details, we can give up and say, there is no result for that person’s name.

In reality, Google offers regional search results in their main search engine. In fact, by changing the country, you eliminate those results from other regions and only get what you look for people’s personal details for an exact name and region or address.

If you’re in the United States and you use the default Google search version, that’s how it should be. On the other hand, if you’re traveling and want to locate the mobile phone number of someone called “Jack” for example, who is living in Texas, then, changing the region in the “Region Settings” is the best way to find the details.

Bing is also another good site to find mobile numbers on people’s names. However, their search settings page is much better as it can help users filter the details by region, by state, ZIP code, and even limit the details to a specific language. It’s similar to Google, but since Bing has a different algorithm and crawlers, it’s always possible to find different information that’s not indexed in Google.

4. Find their numbers on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn’s internal search system, we have the ability to locate someone’s cell phone number through names, and best of all that’s totally free. So, to get started, visit LinkedIn and login. It’s required to have an account there to start the search. Google can help to find people, but if their profile is not already indexed, nothing could be found there.

That’s why using the LinkedIn search directly is better. Now, once you’re on the professional social network website, type the first and last name in the search box and validate. Next, click on “All Filters” and there will be more ways to find the right profile.

LinkedIn people search

LinkedIn is used by millions of people across the USA. And it can help you find business phone numbers in a matter of minutes if you search by the company’s owner or founder name. Also, you could take advantage of job titles or positions and add them to your search phrases; it works.

5. Search through Twitter

Twitter offers a good advanced search system that allows us to find almost anybody’s profile with their numbers by name only. But you need to be logged in to use it.

Now, if you have an account on Twitter, add the person’s name, nickname, or even any of his usernames you remember on other social platforms. Then, add words like “number”, “phone” or even “contact”. These variations of search terms bring all of their profiles into one search.

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By comparing what Twitter search looks like, it seems that they tried to clone the Google search parameters. But this time, the site did that scan in their internal site search, as a result,  you may search with

  • All these words
  • This exact phrase
  • None of these words
  • Hashtags
  • By Language
  • Accounts
  • Time etc…

Twitter has a long list of search filters that people can take advantage of. Just type anybody’s name, followed by “cell number” or other words, and browse the profiles. If you think that there is no profile for that individual, but other users on Twitter might mention him/her in a tweet, it will be a smart idea to search by a tweet. This time, it’s included in the search filter; just scroll down once you’re in a Twitter search.

6. Try Classmates

Another approach that you may try to locate almost anyone’s cell phone number through the first and last name on the Internet is using It’s a website for alumni, the registration is free. However, the search is a little bit more complicated and it can take extra steps.

First, it’s required to start searching by the state, then, select the school he or she was registered at and choose the city. After that, you’ll have access to the directory of people by name. If there are thousands of profiles and names, there will be a filter by the first letter of their name which can take a few seconds to navigate through.

Once you’re on the search results page, choose the first and last name of that person and view his profile. At least with this free people search engine, you can send an email to people directly from the Classmates website.

Other search ways

Because finding someone’s number if you know his name is easier in the United States, people from other countries can find real challenges locating their loved ones’ contact details online.

In other countries, there are other alternatives for these search engines, but with fewer data and fewer databases. So, give them a try; if you’re in the UK websites like or can help.

For Canada, sites like or 411 offer a search through people’s names, besides, everyone can search for business contact details from the same platforms.


Now you have an idea of how to find someone’s phone number using their name only. Some techniques come with limitations as that’s not always possible to find every piece of information you’re looking for. But you have more solutions to search with and verify the details of people with their names easily.

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