How to Ask a Guy for his Cell Phone Number

When you have a crush on someone, but you don’t have any idea about them or how to contact them, you’ll try to get their cell phone number. But what if you don’t want to be too direct? Can you really get your boy’s contact details without being awkward?

The good news is that you don’t even have to worry about being in such situations. Some techniques work by typing the guy’s name into a search box. After that, everything as his contact numbers will be shown in a clear report (the next option 1). On the other hand, there are other options to locate numbers by following the right advice and tricks as below.

4 options for getting his mobile phone number

1. Use social media the right way

This may look unclear to many. But if you want to ask a man for his telephone number on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or even Tinder and other dating apps like Bumble, then, just note his username and use the above people search tool to find his contact details.

In fact, when you run a username reverse lookup on someone on social media, the system can show you most of his hidden data. That may include mobile numbers, emails, and other ways to contact them. That’s not all, once you get the report on their name, you may see relatives, associates, and history in a few clicks.

2. Offer something to share over the phone

In some situations, you can indirectly get the guy to ask for your phone number by letting him know that you can help solve his problem with tips, tricks, etc…This can happen when someone has difficulties explaining his challenges at work, for example. By having a colleague who is ready to assist further, he’ll be asking for your cell number because you’re making that step easier for him.

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Here is an example, let’s say, that you talked to someone, and you found yourself attracted to him. So, asking him directly for the number may be uncomfortable for females just like you, and that’s totally fine. However, by identifying a problem that he talked about or even finding a thing that can improve his skills, you can find a good guide on Google or even a PDF.

Then, tell him that you have a good resource to share with him. Now, he’ll find that as a friendly act and will give you his contact details. In this case, it will be his email, cell number, or even his WhatsApp. Next, tell him that you got the guide on your smartphone, and now, there will be two scenarios:

  1. The guy will give you his number, congratulations, that’s great for you
  2. He’ll ask for your mobile number, and in this case, you also won his contact

This technique is effective in getting men’s phone numbers without being desperate. It works by making people feel the need to accept your help. So, they’ll be happy to share numbers. From a gender perspective, expressions and emotions are different. Thus, what a girl sees as negative, men may see as a positive thing.

3. Give him a reason to share his number or get yours

Sometimes, it won’t be easy to find a way to open a conversation with a man you don’t know, but you found attractive, and you like him.

Now, let’s imagine that you want to ask a guy for his number at the Gym. But you don’t want to ask directly, you may watch him doing his workout. Then, approach him and say “Hi, I have trouble doing my workout and following the steps the right way”, it seems that you’re experienced in this exercise. After that, ask the guy if he can help you in doing your workout correctly.

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In reality, guys like these encouragements, and he’ll ask for your mobile number, or he’ll prefer to give you his number to see each other at the gym at the right time. Try this technique, and you’ll be surprised by its success rate.

4. The lost phone technique

If you’re at work, at school, or in public places where people may lose their phones and forget where they put them, you have a cute way to get a guy’s number. First, pretend that you lost your smartphone somewhere in that place (it can be a Gym, office, room, table, etc…) Then, politely tell the man that you lost your device, and you’re in urgent need to call your number from someone’s phone to see if it rings near.

He’ll ask you for your number, and once your phone rings, that’s it, you got his number in a smart way. Thank him for that, and later, you can call and show him that you appreciate that you found your phone thanks to that call, the next step is up to you.

Should you ask the guy for his phone number?

Some girls find smart ways to get guys’ numbers using their names and even without asking. There are reverse lookup sites that can show them numbers, social profiles, emails, and even hidden information.

Secondly, they may find out if the guy is married, divorced, or single in one search. And third, girls can locate all the cell numbers on the guy’s name online. All that comes from one tool that you can try and search for almost anyone you know in the US.

Here are the ways to find numbers online:

  • Just run a background check on them by first and last name if that’s possible
  • You can reverse lookup his social media username
  • If you know his email, that’s also another option to find the contact details
  • Lookup his home address
  • If you saw his car, lookup the vehicle’s license plate number, and you may find his mobile number fast
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Please keep in mind that asking a married man for his cell number is not the same as asking a single guy. They may not prefer being contacted by phone, and there can be some complicated relationship issues you don’t know about. Thus, using someone’s name to find his number is better, and safer all the way.


As you can see, some of the above methods can help almost any girl to ask for a guy’s number without being obvious. There is no need to spend all your day thinking of ways to get inside his world. Just keep it simple and use his name and start as the first method above, or follow the next tips and find the contact information you look for.

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