How to Find out if Someone is on a Dating Site

Want to see if your spouse or boyfriend is on dating websites? And you need to find his exact account there? So, keep reading.

No matter if you trust your husband or boyfriend, if you suspect that he’s registered to a dating website, then, there might be something hidden from you. Luckily, there are solutions for that. People can create accounts on the internet and search engines, especially the ones that scan the web deeply can trace every information and data.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find out if someone has a dating profile. We’ll use basic details through the person’s name, email, username, or phone number. It all starts with one of these basic search options to get the truth.

Searching people on dating websites

Some online dating profile search strategies work better than others because of many things. That can include the databases, the way to get the detail, and even where that data is stored. Now, by comparing popular programs, only the following search tools can tell you if your partner is a member on a dating site or not.

That being said, remember that many social networks like Facebook or Instagram are indeed online places for dating and finding relationships. So, don’t just focus on one platform. Instead, after you get the search report with the next search methods, look under the social section for any mentioned domain.

1. Start with their name or email

These are websites that keep the user search history private and anonymous. So, the person never knows you searched for their dating profile or name. Also, there is no need to search on each dating site separately, you can do all the search at once and if there is any profile found in the person’s name, the system will show that for you.

What makes the difference with this method is that many dating sites offer an internal search system that can then let users look for people. But not all of them work like that of course. That’s why combining multiple search options at once can make the result better.

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2. Create a temporary profile

If you think that someone is using a specific dating site. But you can’t see their account because it’s hidden, then, why not create a temporary profile just for that reason? It’s all about privacy settings in some sites. Some allow users to configure how their profiles are shown to search engines like Google. While others apply automatic security measures to prevent any profile from being indexed and visible to the public.

Now, when it’s time to search for someone’s dating account on Google, make sure you add the exact site domain like,, etc…When adding the man’s email after that, Google will show the details linked to that email ID only if there are any.

3. Street address

Searching for any dating account associated with someone’s home address is easy and fast these days. In fact, all you have to do is choose any of the above search ways and then, type in the exact street address of your partner or anyone else. Next, see the search happens in real-time.

Because, any home address is unique and well described like the street, city, and state, using that personal detail is one of the best techniques to find all the hidden profiles on dating sites. Moreover, there is more than that, that includes the person’s relatives, phone numbers, emails etc…

Some advanced search engines for dating profiles provide old data that are not anymore valid. So we don’t want to talk about that. Instead, what worked well in our tests is the above tool that offers deep web scans based on someone’s photo. The site offers a face recognition algorithm which finds all the profiles that someone owns. Also, by changing the picture you used for the search each time, you might get details you never knew existed about that person.

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For those who prefer using Google or other photo recognition search engines, that can help in many ways. But not all the results are accurate as someone may use any person’s face photo on his own dating profile without permission.

5. Reverse username lookup

Google images is one of the most accurate sites to search someone’s username on dating sites. It allows you to add anyone’s username or nickname, then, see for any found account.

So, the system may ask you to wait a minute or so to get the search report. Then, look for any profile linked to a dating site like Tinder, Match, POF, or others. The list goes longer depending on how active the person is on these social platforms. But if you can’t see any of the sites you looked for, that’s just a small part of bigger data you can uncover by switching the search to other details like the person’s name, email etc…

Here is a tip to find someone’s hidden profile on for example. If you prefer using Google and have the time to spend and filter all the hundreds of pages, then, add the person’s username inside quotes, followed by the domain of the site.

Even if you want to search for someone’s username on and you’re not sure about that. Start by typing some of his nicknames, first name, last name, etc… That’s another way to guess what usernames people use in dating sites like Match or POF.

6. Reverse phone number lookup

Who doesn’t have a phone number? We all signup using it for Gmail and other sites. So, it’s possible to find all the dating accounts linked to someone’s phone number. But that’s not always updated as people can change the numbers.

So, if someone has changed cell numbers a lot, then, it won’t be easy to tell if any profile associated with his mobile number is true or an old one. However, when your partner owns the same number for years, then, this way to search for all his dating profiles online will be valid, and here is how:

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First, use any of the advanced tools above for phone number reverse lookup. And see if there are any details found based on that contact information. Next, read the report and if there is an account on Tinder or other similar dating sites or apps, you’ll get it there with a link to the profile.

If that’s not achievable and you can’t see any of that data, then, this trick may help. Visit any dating website, then, click on the login button. Next, you’ll find the “reset password” option or a similar link to recover the login details by the mobile number.

Until now, you’re just verifying information and not really logging. So, add the person’s number, and the website will show you if the number has a linked account on the database or not. Even if this easy search technique won’t show you his/her profile picture, it can tell you if the guy already has an account there or not, so, it’s worth it.


When you want to check if someone is registered on a dating site or not, these different search ways can tell you the truth. They can even show you the exact profile with photos and more. So, it works by using any contact details such as the name, or even the person’s photos.

Each technique comes with exclusive data and the best of them is always to search using the name in the first place. Then, search again with his email, phone number, or other options to get the most of the search report and the linked details.

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